Instagram accidentally promotes paedophiles
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Algorithms recommend kiddie fiddlers

The Wall Street Journal and boffins at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Instagram's algorithms actively promote networks of paedophiles who commission and sell child sexual abuse content on the app.

United Airlines installing Astrove in-flight entertainment system
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Larger Panasonic 4K OLED TVs,

United Airlines is set to introduce the next-generation Astrove in-flight entertainment system, featuring Panasonic's 4K OLED TVs, with larger screens and thinner bezels.

Clop ransomware gang carrying out mass hacks
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Targeting MOVEit Transfer

Security researchers have linked a new wave of mass hacks targeting a popular file transfer tool to the Clop ransomware gang.

GameStop fires CEO
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…soon after it announced part of its first quarter earnings

GameStop has fired CEO Matt Furlong, the company announced as part of its first quarter 2023 earnings.

Amazon releases mysterious Snow
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You know nothing about Snow

Amazon Web Services has announced a new member of its "Snow" family of on-prem hardware -- but the machine’s specs appear not to be available to eyes outside the US military.

Google expands intelligent cloud into healthcare
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Helping medical professionals find patent information

Google's cloud business is expanding its use of new artificial intelligence technologies in health care. It allows medical professionals at Mayo Clinic to find patient information using tools powering the latest chatbots quickly.

Mitsubishi creates power amp for 4G, 5G and Beyond
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Frequency range of 3,400MHz

Mitsubishi has developed what is believed to be the world’s first gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifier that achieves a frequency range of 3,400MHz using a single power amplifier.

Cisco boss says tech needs to be simpler
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Features are good but if you can’t deploy them, they are useless

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins told Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas that technology needed to become more straightforward.

Analysts warn that China will produce own semiconductors
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Will advance faster than the US expects expect

Chip industry analysts are confident that China can produce semiconductors even if the United States tries to block assess to its technology.

Samsung unveils latest high-end Exynos Auto chip
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Headed for Hyundai

Samsung has unveiled its latest high-end Exynos Auto chip for in-vehicle infotainment systems. The Exynos Auto V920 will power next-generation infotainment systems in Hyundai cars after 2025.