ARM Cortex A78 to power 2021 phones
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20 percent faster 5nm optimized

The next generation of phones mostly expected in early 2021, will come powered by Cortex A78 new core. The new Cortex A78 will improve performance by up to 20 percent in the same power envelope.

Cortex X speeds up phone by 30 percent
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High-performance PC SoCs too

Qualcomm introduced Prime core clocked rest from the cluster with Snapdragon 865, and Huawei had two higher clock performance cores in Kirin 990. With that in mind, ARM has introduced the Cortex-X custom program. The result is up to 30 percent peak performance compared to previous generation Cortex A77 cores.

Red Cross appeals to hackers to stop hitting hospitals
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Appealing to hackers' better nature and sense of social responsibility... yeah that will work

The Red Cross is asking hackers nicely to stop planting ransomware in hospitals while it is trying to sort out the coronavirus.

5G will not save the industry until next year
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Longer if stupid people continue to set fire to towers

Beancounters at Gartner have been shuffling some tarot cards and reached the conclusion that 5G is not going to save the telco industry this year.

Robot baristas take over following coronavirus
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I for one welcome our cappucino delivering overlords

Robots could help people observe social distancing in public by taking jobs from humans.

Tencent invests $70 billion in infrastructure
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Red clouds at night

Chinese tech giant Tencent will invest $70 billion over the next five years in technology infrastructure including cloud computing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Texas Instruments calculators lose progamming support
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You can still hold them upside down and type 5318008

Texas Instruments’ graphing calculators have just lost some of their appeal.

PlayStation 2 is still the king of the consoles
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Nintendo DS is the runner up

Research by has revealed that approximately 1.56 billion game consoles of different brands have been sold globally. The data obtained indicates the PlayStation 2 accounts for the biggest share with 10.07 percent.

Sharp goes back to black for its photovoltaics
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Black sun

Sharp has added a new all black design monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) panel to its half-cut cell portfolio.

IBM cuts jobs
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25 May 2020

IBM cuts jobs

Not saying how many

IBM cut an unspecified number of jobs across the US, eliminating employees in at least five states.