5G important for the EU's future
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Swift roll out must have a common approach

An EU paper outlining the bloc's 5G plans suggest the region should become the leading market for deployment of 5G mobile networks  because the technology was the key for enhancing the bloc’s competitiveness.

Motorola One Hyper might not live up to its billing
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What is so hyper about it?

Motorola is set to release its new Motorola One Hyper and it appears that the only thing surprising about it is the name.

Microsoft pushes secure core PCs
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Available from Dell, Dynabook, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Surface

Microsoft announced a new initiative to combat threats specifically targeted at the firmware level and data stored in memory –  secured-core PCs.

Google in no rush to fix Pixel 4
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Face-unlock security fix months away

The Pixel 4 is shipping with a face-unlock security issue that's not expected to get fixed for quite some time.

Facebook takes down 200 Russian and Iranian fake accounts
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It is OK if western politicians lie to you, just not Iranians and Russians

The social networking site which has decided to allow US politicians to lie about each other has cracked down on Russian and Iranian propaganda outfits doing the same thing.

Threadripper launch dates leaked
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Remember, remember the fifth of November

Videocardz deep throats within AMD have been coughing up some launch dates on AMD's upcoming Threadripper lineup.

SAP cuddles up with Microsoft
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Jennifer Morgan's glorious three-year embrace

The maker of expensive esoteric business software, which no one is sure what it does but CIOs believe is the bee's knees, SAP, has inked a three-year pact with the software king of the world Microsoft to help its large enterprise customers move their business processes into the cloud.

Keeping 8chan off the net
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Former owner campaigns against it

8chan's current owner is still having trouble getting the site back online -- and that's due at least partly to lobbying against 8chan by the site's founder.

Smart homes need not be insecure
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They can be disconnected from the net

A publicly-funded group of designers, artists and privacy experts from Amsterdam have designed an intelligent home system prototype to "prove it's technically possible to build a privacy respecting smart home while maintaining convenience".

Project Trident tells FreeBSD to fork off
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Moving to Void Linux

Project Trident is moving from FreeBSD to Void Linux due to “long-standing issues with FreeBSD”.