Reddit dabbling cash on Bitcoin, Ether and Polygon
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You might want to expect sensible business decisions

Reddit has admitted spending some of its spare cash on Bitcoin, Ether and Polygon, which may not bode well as the company tries to go public.

Hugging Face and chums launch StarCoder 2
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Billed as the ultimate code generator

Hugging Face and its mates ServiceNow and Nvidia have cooked up StarCoder 2, an open-source code generator that they claim lets you write code like you know what you are doing.

OpenAI and Microsoft sued for stealing news stories
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Vole in the dock

OpenAI and Microsoft's legal woes increased after three more news outlets sued them for nicking their articles and using them to train their chatbot, ChatGPT.

Samsung officially announces Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024
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Launching in the second half of the year

As expected, the big star of Samsung's Mobile World Congress 2024 show was the Galaxy Ring. Samsung also released a couple of details including the size and color options, battery life, and the launch date is now confirmed for the second half of the year.

Nvidia's dirty deeds done dirt cheap
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GPU cartel allegations

Nvidia has been accused of holding back orders of AI GPUs to customers who are seeing other suppliers.

OpenAi claims New York Times paid hackers
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Court case depends on it

OpenAI has asked a judge to chuck parts of the copycat lawsuit .filed, saying that Apple's favourite paper paid someone to hack OpenAI to make up a reason for suing them.

Nvidia's cloud gaming service shows ads
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So much for a free trial with no catch

Nvidia's cloud gaming service GeForce Now is about to be a bit less of a bargain - on 5 March after Nvidia announces that users will start seeing ads.

Apple claims no one can invent reality
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Sues US Patent Office for not confirming its version of reality

Apple has launched a legal attack on the US Patent and Trademark Office for not giving them trademarks for its fake-reality software tools "Reality Composer" and "Reality Converter."

Apple's car project goes up in smoke
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Wasted ten years and millions of quid

Apple has finally given up on its electric car project after ten years of faffing about, changing direction and leadership, and ultimately creating only stories in the Tame Apple Press.

FBI warns of Russian hackers hiding in cheap routers
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Interested in cathedrals

The FBI and its mates from 10 other countries are telling owners of Ubiquiti EdgeRouters to check their kit for signs they've been hacked and are being used to cover up dodgy operations by Russian state hackers.