Lost, internet down, blame the Sun
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Holy sun Batman

If your Internet and phone service is pants today it might have something to do with a triangular-shaped dark gap in the sun's surface that's 20 times larger than Earth.

Openreach jumps fibre hurdle
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Rutland was a milestone

UK broadband network provider Openreach has crossed a 'huge milestone' in its upgrading of the nation's broadband infrastructure, with ultrafast Full Fibre connections now available to 10 million homes and businesses.

Germany surrenders to US and might ban Huawei and ZTE
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Could force operaters to replace them

Germany's government is planning on forbidding telecoms operators from using certain components from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE in their 5G networks.

Vodafone puts Raspberry into 5G network
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Raspberry Pi 4 PC with 5G onboard

Vodafone has revealed a prototype for a portable 5G network based around a cheap and cheerful Raspberry Pi 4 PC combined with a small 5G software-defined radio (SDR) from a company called Lime Microsystems.

Starlink offers $200 per month service
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But you can only use it to do what Musk says

The SpaceX-owned Starlink service is offering a new Global Roaming service.