Emergency alert test postponed in Italy due to rain
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Because you need good weather for an emergency

The Italian government’s controversial moves to test its emergency mobile phone alert system have been postponed in Rome and surrounding area because it might rain.

Amazon releases Wi-Fi 7 super router
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Double the speed with a hefty price tag

Amazon has announced details of its new Eero Max 7 mesh router – a tri-band mesh router that uses the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard and can double the speeds of its previous flagship system up to 4.3 Gigabits per second.

Deep Space Network in trouble
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Too many projects and not enough hardware

The aging Deep Space Network is in trouble according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory boss Suzanne Dodd.

Microsoft server keeps going back to the future
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The problem is bigger on the inside than on the outside

An engineer in a data centre in Norway has found his Windows server was suddenly resetting its system clock to 55 days in the future.

Banning Huawei might cost German railways millions
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Need to redo all its aging infrastructure

Germany's national railway operator would have to spend up to 400 million euros to replace all the components in its infrastructure supplied by Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies.