People don’t want to pay extra for AI
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PC users say no

A recent poll on TechPowerUp revealed that an overwhelming majority of PC users are not interested in paying extra for hardware with AI capabilities.

Vole releases spreadsheet large language model
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Claims spreadsheetLLM could transform data analysis

Software King of the World Microsoft has announced details of its new "SpreadsheetLLM," claiming it has the "potential to transform spreadsheet data management and analysis."

OpenAI close to fruity breakthrough
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Apples are not the only fruit

OpenAI is close to a breakthrough with a new project called "Strawberry," which aims to improve its AI models' reasoning abilities.

TSMC having a strong second quarter
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Thanks to AI

Taiwan's TSMC scaled a record high on Thursday after posting strong second-quarter revenue driven by booming demand for AI applications. This solidified its position as Asia's most valuable company.

AMD snaps up Finnish AI Startup
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Silo AI to boost AI chip capabilities

AMD has written a $665 million cheque to buy Finnish artificial intelligence startup Silo AI.