Face scanning decides if you get the job
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Analyses facial movements

New face-scanning gear is being used to decide if people get jobs.

AI touted as cure for faulty justice
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Robot judges could remove bias

AI is being looked at as a way of removing human bias from court cases, according to Forbes.

LG launched phone powered by Gyrfalcon AI chip
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Updated: One big customer with LG Q70

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is one of the hot names in AI startups, and the company managed to score a big customer for its AI chip.

AI can't check for fake news
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You need humans to tell a flat earth, anti-vax, 5G conspiracy theory from the real thing

Hopes that we might be able to use machine learning to distinguish the sheep from the goats in the news have been dashed by two papers released by MIT boffins.

AI-powered Google Clips scrapped
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It turns out people didn
't want to record things in that much detail

Google is discontinuing its AI-powered Google Clips, a small camera designed to use technology to capture and preserve life's most memorable moments automatically.