AMD’s latest releases show AI push
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More NPUs than you can point a stick at

The chipmaker has become the latest to leap into the flourishing AI PC market. AMD's freshest desktop and laptop processors firmly place the firm in the nascent AI PC market by integrating generative AI (genAI) technology into some of its most favoured chip lines.

Apple aims to be the Forrest Gump of AI
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Disconnected and lacking intelligence

Fruity Cargo Cult Apple is boasting that the AI in iOS 18 will not need to connect to the cloud without thinking about what that means.  

AI exterminates humans in some tasks, but not all
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Stanford’s New AI Index Report

Stanford’s new AI Index Report discloses that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has outperformed humans in several benchmarks, including image classification, visual reasoning, and English understanding. However, it lags in complex tasks like competition-level mathematics, visual commonsense reasoning, and planning.

Google's Axion packs a punch
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Google squares off against the AI competition

Google Cloud's thrown its hat into the ring with Axion, its first custom-built Arm brawler, promising a 30 per cent beefier performance than other Arm contenders from AWS and Microsoft. They're even boasting a 50 per cent muscle-up and 60 per cent more energy thriftiness than the X86 heavyweights.

Intel's Gaudi 3 released
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A new AI chip

Intel's Gaudi 3, the latest contender in the AI chip race, has hit the market, which it claims has twice the energy efficiency and a 1.5x faster AI model processing speed compared to Nvidia's H100 GPU.