Google nicked ChatGPT’s data
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Stolen models

Search engine outfit Google has been accused of nicking data from ChatGPT AI, which is itself often alleged to have borrowed data from websites and artists to build its AI models.

Microsoft fixed Bing security issue
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Just days before AI was given control of the whole thing

Software King of the World, Microsoft patched a dangerous security issue in Bing last month just days before it handed control of the search engine to AI.

Key paper on AI chip design might be overstated
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Terminator not coming for chip designers

A key Google-led research paper claiming machine-learning software can design better chips faster than humans has been called into question after a new study disputed its results.

UK Tories whinge that Google’s chatbot hates them
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Thinks it has a left-wing bias

The UK Conservative party is complaining that Google’s new Bard AI based chatbot hates them and believes it is producing results with a left-wing bias.

Nvidia modifies H100 to sell it to China
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Cuts it back to avoid red tape

Nvidia has modified its AI H100 chip to get around export rules so it can be flogged to China as a “H800.”