Meta claims its AI is better at diplomacy than most humans
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Trust Zuckerburg to sort out the world

Meta claims that its AI is better at playing strategy game Diplomacy than most tiny mortals.

Meta fires Galactica AI over controversial life choices
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Left to itself, Galactica became as balanced as a Kayne West Twitter post 

Meta has been forced to "pause" a public AI experiment after it started spewing misinformation and offensive comments.

Microsoft and Nvidia team up to develop AI-based cloud
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I, for one, welcome our Skynet overlords

In a move that shows that executives from Microsoft and NVIDIA have never seen any science fiction, the pair have teamed up to build a new type of AI cloud computer for Azure customers.

Most advanced robot is about to get legs
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She knows how to use them

The world's most realistic robot is about to get legs.

AMD further Accelerates Electronic Trading
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The New Alveo X3 Series

AMD finished up the Xilinx acquisition on Valentines Day earlier this year and opened many additional markets and doors for the company.