Foldable phone sales will grow by 50 per cent
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IDC says the market is growing fast

Beancounters at the analyst outfit IDC have been shuffling their tarot cards and concluded that foldable smartphones would see 21.4 million units shipped this year.

Lenovo kills off gaming phone business
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Legion disbanded

Lenovo has shut down its Legion gaming phone business.

Apple Pay Later arrives
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Ironically late

Fruity cargo cult Apple has introduced Apple Pay Later scheme in the US, later than Jobs' Mob thought it would be.

OnePlus and Oppo deny European pull out
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Not sure where this one came from

The dark satanic rumour mill might have manufactured a hell on earth dud when it claimed that OnePlus was pulling out of Europe.

Samsung 4nm Exynos Modem 5300 promises 10Gbps download speed
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10Gbps/3.87Gbps and better battery life

Samsung has announced its newest 4nm Exynos Modem 5300, which promises impressive download and upload speeds and better power efficiency.