Apple is no longer the world’s biggest mobile phone seller
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Sales plummet

Apple, the fruity cargo cult, has been dethroned as the world's largest mobile phone seller following a sharp drop in sales. This allows South Korean rival Samsung to reclaim the global market share lead.

UK Tories mull banning phone sales to kids
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Hope to capture the yoof vote

The UK Tory government, brimming with confidence in its prospects for the next election, has taken a bold step by proposing a ban on the sales of mobile phones to kids.

Intel Core Ultra Lunar Lake platform packs >100 TOPS
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Laptops on shelves before Christmas

In addition to announcing the new Gaudi 3 AI accelerator and unveiling the new Xeon 6 branding for upcoming Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest processors, at its Vision 2024 event Intel also revealed a bit more information about the upcoming Core Ultra Lunar Lake processor for laptops.

New Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) earbuds incoming
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The announcement is set for April 18

Nothing has teased yet another announcement set for April 18 and this time around, the company is launching the new Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) earbuds

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE could be launching this summer
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With Galaxy Fold FE and Flip FE planned as well

According to rumors coming from Samsung's home country, it appears that the Galaxy S24 FE might come sooner than expected and could launch this summer. Samsung is obviously quite happy with the FE series, and there are rumors that it could launch both the Galaxy Fold FE and the Galaxy Flip FE phones.