Apple thinks the future is AR
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Metaverse not so much 

The company which invented the reality distortion field and the rounded rectangle does not believe in the metaverse, but sees the world moving towards VR.

European Commission wants new Cyber Resilience Act
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Internet of Things needs to be a lot more secure 

The European Commission launched a Cyber Resilience Act proposal which will force new cybersecurity requirements on internet-connected devices.

IoT proved security hole in Russian/Ukraine war
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Compromised security cameras enabled weapons targeting.

While observers say that the military use of hackers during the Russian/Ukraine war proved to be over stated, it appears that much touted internet of things security flaws were successfully exploited.

Monitors could be a thing of the past
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Lenovo wants them right before your eyes

Lenovo wants to release new T1 glasses which will put a Full HD OLED screen in front of each of your eyes.

Hacked security cameras still wide open
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I am ready for my close up Mr. DeMille

Shedloads of IP security cameras made by China-based Hikvision are still unpatched even if a fix was issued for a critical security bug nearly a year ago.