Intel serious about multi-GPU
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Portents found within the Linux kernel

Changes made by Intel in the Linux 5.5 kernel seem to indicate that Chipzilla is serious about implementing multi-GPU with its incoming graphics cards.

Google's quantum computer claims neither dead nor alive
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IBM disputes Google claims

IBM is disputing the much-vaunted claim that Google has hit a new milestone with its quantum computing.

Microsoft pushes secure core PCs
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Available from Dell, Dynabook, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Surface

Microsoft announced a new initiative to combat threats specifically targeted at the firmware level and data stored in memory –  secured-core PCs.

Threadripper launch dates leaked
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Remember, remember the fifth of November

Videocardz deep throats within AMD have been coughing up some launch dates on AMD's upcoming Threadripper lineup.

Chipzilla says desktop 10nm is still a thing
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Denies rumours it is walking straight to 7nm

Chipzilla has growled at rumours that it is planning to ditch the 10nm production process for its desktop CPUs and was instead set to jump straight from the 14nm+++ lineup into 7nm desktop processors.