Ericsson needs Intel inside its 5G midband
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I RAN, I RAN so far away, couldn’t get away

Swedish kit vendor Ericsson has continued is using Intel chips to do its mid-band 5G RAN operations.

UK telcos start charging Brits for travelling in the EU
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Brexit saving you money

UK-based EE says it will charge £2 a day for new customers travelling in the EU and some other European countries from January. The move is proof that things are working so much better for the UK now it is out of the pesky EU.

Facebook comes the raw pawn down under
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Set to test the world's toughest content law 

Australia's competition watchdog is looking into a claim that Facebook refused a publisher's request to negotiate a licensing deal and it appears that the social networker is heading for a showdown over the countries tough online content law.

Tame Apple Press fears Windows 11
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Apparently, it is all about Apple

The Tame Apple Press seems rather scared about the release of Windows 11 because apparently, it is a direct challenge to Apple’s business model.

Covid-19 database was edited in Wuhan
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Old samples have re-emerged in Google cloud 

About a year ago, genetic sequences from more than 200 virus samples from early cases of Covid-19 in Wuhan disappeared from an online scientific database, however, some of them have apparently tipped up on the Google cloud.

Google delays third party cookie phase out
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A year later than planned 

Google is announcing today that it is delaying its plans to phase out third party cookies in the Chrome browser until 2023, a year or so later than originally planned.

Windows 11 out
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25 June 2021

Windows 11 out

Apparently has enough to get a new version number

Microsoft today officially announced Windows 11 and while Vole always told us it could only count to ten, it has decided this lastest update warrants an extra number.

Western Digital preparing update for WD Black SN850 SSD
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One for AMD's X570 platform

Western Digital is apparently working on a firmware update for WD Black SN850 M.2 NVMe SSD that should fix issues that this drive has on AMD X570 chipset motherboards.

MSI launches CMP 50HX MINER card
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Packs 3584 CUDA cores

MSI has unveiled its newest cryptomining-oriented graphics card, the CMP 50XH MINER, featuring 10GB of GDDR6 memory and 3584 CUDA cores.

Insurance companies could deter space tourism
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Apparently, no one thought about that

While the world's richest plan to set up space tourism so them and their mates can spend all the cash they made on tax dodges seeing the world from space, they apparently forgot the one force which might ground them – insurance.