Leaks show Zen 5 Strix might disappoint
Published in PC Hardware

Trails behind older Intel Core i7-12700F and mobile Intel Core i7-13850HX

New alleged benchmarks have surfaced online for the upcoming AMD Zen 5 Strix Point processors. While it might outdo the Ryzen 7 7700X and the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, it is still behind Intel's older gear.

Chipzilla says good bye to Ponte Vecchio HPC GPUs
Published in Graphics

Only two years after it appeared it rides off into the sunset

Intel's decided it's time to start saying goodbye to its Ponte Vecchio HPC GPUs.

Nvidia might not do so well next year
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Analysts warn of long term nose-dive

While the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street expect Nvidia to clean up making AI chips, there is a growing number of them who are less certain.

Underwater data centres risk sonic attacks
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Turning benign whales into terrorists

New research suggests that Underwater Data Centres (UDCs) might be at risk from acoustic attacks, which could be as simple as broadcasting a high-pitched musical note underwater.

Samsung mocks Apple’s own goal
Published in Mobiles

We would never crush creativity

Samsung is having a field day with Apple’s bizarre marketing mistake in which it promised to crush all creativity of users who bought its new iPad.

Tsar Putin ordering hackers to go for western targets
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British top spook warns

A top British spook warned that Tsar Putin of all the Russias, is actively motivating and guiding hackers to launch attacks against British and other Western targets.

Samsung's 3nm Exynos W1000 to go into the Galaxy Watch 7
Published in Mobiles

A big upgrade compared to the 5nm Exynos W930

According to a fresh report coming from Korea, Samsung's Galaxy Watch7 could get the new 3nm Exynos W1000 chipset, which could bring a significant boost in both performance and efficiency.

NetBSD bans AI
Published in AI
17 May 2024

NetBSD bans AI

Hoomans only

NetBSD contributors are prohibited from incorporating any AI-generated code from ChatGPT, CoPilot, or other similar AI tools.

Asus ROG Ally X to get 24GB of RAM
Published in Gaming

A larger battery, standard M.2 slot, and fixed microSD slot  

The Asus ROG Ally X handheld console is set to be unveiled on June 2, and the fresh report from a well-known Asus leaker suggests that Asus is also squeezing a bit more RAM in the new ROG Ally X, equipping it with 24GB.

Asus' Vivobook S15 OLED Snapdragon X Elite laptop leaks online
Published in Mobiles

Asus Vietnam jumps the gun

Asus Vietnam has leaked its own version of the laptop that will be based on Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon X Elite SoC. Asus decided to go with the Vivobook S 15 OLED design, which puts it in a bit of a premium segment with an OLED screen.