Intel serious about multi-GPU
Published in PC Hardware

Portents found within the Linux kernel

Changes made by Intel in the Linux 5.5 kernel seem to indicate that Chipzilla is serious about implementing multi-GPU with its incoming graphics cards.

ARM releases new NPU, GPU and DPU products
Published in Mobiles

Project Trillium and more

ARM is announcing four new NPU, GPU and DPU products based around its Project Trillium tech.

Intel takes on SoftBank
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Intel has filed an antitrust lawsuit against a SoftBank investment company alleging the firm stockpiled patents to hold up technology companies with numerous lawsuits.

Huawei releases folding phone in China
Published in Mobiles

Pre-sales start again

Huawei launched its foldable 5G Mate X smartphone and started pre-sales for the device in China.

Google's quantum computer claims neither dead nor alive
Published in PC Hardware

IBM disputes Google claims

IBM is disputing the much-vaunted claim that Google has hit a new milestone with its quantum computing.

Face scanning decides if you get the job
Published in AI

Analyses facial movements

New face-scanning gear is being used to decide if people get jobs.

AI touted as cure for faulty justice
Published in AI

Robot judges could remove bias

AI is being looked at as a way of removing human bias from court cases, according to Forbes.

Control game makes ray tracing an easy sell
Published in Graphics

The future of PC gaming available today

Real-time ray tracing is the biggest leap in computer graphics since programmable pixel shading on the NVIDIA GeForce 3 (NV20) in 2001. What used to be a dream for every computer graphics software developer became a reality in August of 2018 with NVIDIA's Turing architecture.

Apple cocks up the time again
Published in Mobiles

Orders customers to upgrade

The fruity cargo cult Apple’s inability to do basic programming is being used as a marketing tool to force users to update their software.

Microsoft in trouble with EU GDPR law
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Many Volish contracts questioned

Microsoft's contracts with European Union institutions do not fully comply with the law, the EU’s data watchdog has growled.