Biostar bundles motherboard with Ryzen 5 Pro CPU as ultimate business solution
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B650MT motherboard paired up with Ryzen 5 PRO 7654 CPU

Biostar has launched yet another combo, pairing up its own B650MT motherboard with AMD's Ryzen 5 PRO 7654 CPU and calling it the ultimate business solution.

Marvell expects falling revenue
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Miserable time to be alive

Marvell said it’s expecting its revenue to decline as it enters the final quarter of the fiscal 2024 year, and its stock was trading more than four per cent lower in the after-hours session today.

Microsoft pauses Windows 11 version 23H2
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Annoying bug

Microsoft has paused the rollout of Windows 11 version 23H2 due to an annoying bug which causes desktop icons to move between monitors.

No chance of super intelligent AI in the next year
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Microsoft says the technology is decades away.

Software King of the World Microsoft has said people should not be worried about super intelligent AI because it could be decades away from appearing.

Activision Blizzard had a plan to set up app store
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Project Boston was one of two cunning plans to deal with Google

Activision Blizzard had a cunning plan to change its relationship with Google by setting up its App store within Android.

DeepMind tortured ChatGPT to reveal sources
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We ask the questions

A team of boffins from Google's DeepMind used a torture method on ChatGPT until it revealed the snippets of the data it was trained on.

Microsoft wants to launch a new mobile gaming store
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Taking on Apple and Google

According to Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, Vole is talking to partners to help it launch a mobile gaming store that will take on Apple and Google.

Musk’s X sees exodus of staff now
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No one wants to be his friend

Elon [look at me] Musk sees a mass exodus of sales staff from his social notworking outfit X.

Scots think health secretary should quit
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Over sons' iPad bill

Nearly two-thirds of Scots believe their Health Secretary, Michael Matheson, should quit over his son’s £11,000 iPad bill.

Honor Magic 6 Pro connects to satellite
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Better than Apple

Honor CEO Zhao Ming has spilt the beans about the Honor Magic 6 Pro which include a revolutionary new satellite connection feature.