UK government makes a self-driving car error
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Targeted money in the wrong place

The UK Government has been throwing money at driverless cars but has allocated it to the wrong place.

Harley-Davidson stalls electric bikes
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Design fails quality checks

Harley-Davidson has stopped production and deliveries of its first electric motorcycle after discovering a glitch in the final quality checks.

Would-be Tesla killer files for bankrupcy
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Owes $3.6 billion

The Chinese bloke who claimed that he would defeat Tesla has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware court having amassed billions worth of debts worldwide.

Electric car finally gets a bit of distance
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I can drive 1000 miles, recharge, and then drive a 1000 more

Californian startup Aptera Motors says that it has come up with an electric car that can drive 1,000 miles without a top-up.

ARM holds hands with GM and Toyota over self-driving cars
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Need to get some common computing systems

ARM is joining with General Motors and Toyota standard computing systems for self-driving cars, an effort the companies hope will speed development of the technology.