Chinese company launches flying car
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Now all we need are our jet packs 

Chinese electric vehicle company XPENG AEROHT has launched what they’ve dubbed the safest electric flying car -- presumably because it is unlikely to be driven by Italians or Bulgarians.

Hurricane Ian showed weaknesses of lithium batteries
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Electric vehicles caught fire 

Hurricane Ian hit Florida showed a weakness in the batteries of electric cars -- they tend to catch fire.

Toyota left car code exposed for years
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User data compromised 

Japanese automaker Toyota and its tech subsidiary Toyota Connected have been forced to issue an apology after discovering that a contractor had left source code relating to its T-Connect services publicly exposed on GitHub.

Automatic emergency braking terrible at high speed
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American Automobile Association warns tech not there yet

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is pretty good at preventing low-speed rear-end crashes but kind of sucks when vehicles are traveling at more normal speeds, according to new research from the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Self driving cars are impossible for now
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Ignore what Musk tells you 

Despite claims from Apple, Elon Musk and some other car makers, fully self driving cars are going to be impossible because robots will need humans for a long time.