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Intel takes on SoftBank
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Intel has filed an antitrust lawsuit against a SoftBank investment company alleging the firm stockpiled patents to hold up technology companies with numerous lawsuits.

Microsoft in trouble with EU GDPR law
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Many Volish contracts questioned

Microsoft's contracts with European Union institutions do not fully comply with the law, the EU’s data watchdog has growled.

Motorola One Hyper might not live up to its billing
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What is so hyper about it?

Motorola is set to release its new Motorola One Hyper and it appears that the only thing surprising about it is the name.

Facebook takes down 200 Russian and Iranian fake accounts
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It is OK if western politicians lie to you, just not Iranians and Russians

The social networking site which has decided to allow US politicians to lie about each other has cracked down on Russian and Iranian propaganda outfits doing the same thing.

Keeping 8chan off the net
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Former owner campaigns against it

8chan's current owner is still having trouble getting the site back online -- and that's due at least partly to lobbying against 8chan by the site's founder.