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Qualcomm lifts the kimono on its industrial and embedded AI platforms
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And picks up a penguin

Qualcomm has introduced new industrial and embedded AI platforms and a micro-power Wi-Fi SoC to expand its range of products and enable intelligent computing everywhere.

New law slams deep fake creators with unlimited fines
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Deepfake Debauchery

Creating a sexually explicit "deepfake" image is set to become an offence under new legislation announced by the UK Ministry of Justice.

TSMC US deals might harm Taiwan’s security
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The country worried that supply chains could be duplicated

There are significant concerns within the Taiwanese government that accepting US funds to establish chip plants in the US might counter the country's security and economic interests.

EU investigates Broadcom over VMware licencing
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Watchdog barks

US chipmaker Broadcom is facing scrutiny from EU antitrust regulators over changes to the licensing conditions of its newly acquired cloud computing firm VMware, following grievances from several EU business users and trade associations.

Nvidia wasted $9 billion on Blackwell
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Keller claims he could have done it for a billion

Tenstorrent's CEO, Jim Keller, claims that Nvidia wasted  $9 billion developing the Blackwell GPU