Gnome display manager gets ChatGPT
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HorrorPills AI Gnome up and running

Rafal Mioduszewski, aka HorrorPills, has installed ChatGPT (Chat Generative-Pre-Trained Transformer) into a Gnome extension.

Nick Cave points out that ChatGPT writes rubbish song lyrics
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No understanding of what it is to be human

While the press and big corporates are getting all excited about ChatGPT’s ability to be creative, it is not up to the task in any practical sense, according to the popular beat combo musician Nick Cave.

Microsoft and AMD get all excited about AI
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AI on chips

Software King of the World Microsoft is excited about AI and thinks AMD's new AI engine could help its cunning plans.

Aussies return to pen and paper for exams
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Trying to avoid AI cheats

Australian universities have been forced to change how they run exams and other assessments amid fears that students will use AI software to cheat.

Microsoft can simulate your voice
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All it needs is a three-second audio sample

Software King of the World Microsoft has announced a new text-to-speech AI model called VALL-E that can closely simulate a person’s voice when given a three-second audio sample.