Tame Apple Press finally admits Apple car is going to be disappointing
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If it ever happens

The Tame Apple Press has been insisting for years that Apple is going to make a car, with the latest date being suggested as 2026.  But now it seems that it has to front up to the fact that the car might just be expensive and disappointing.

AMD Powers Aisin Next-Generation Automated Parking Assist System
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Aisin automated park assist in cars in 2024

With the finished acquisition of Xilinx, AMD got into a very interesting and unique automotive market. This well-oiled machine has been quite a successful growth factor for Xilinx. Back in 2006, the company had 5.4 million units shipped into the automotive market. Seven years later, the double-digit number of shipped units grew to 12.1 million.

Mass sodium-ion battery released
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We don't need no expensive lithium 

HiNa Battery has produced what it is calling the world's first mass production run of sodium-ion batteries which don't use expensive lithium.

Chinese release a fully autonomous electric car
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In the shops in 2023

A startup called Jidu Automotive, backed by Chinese AI giant Baidu and Chinese carmaker Geely, officially released an autonomous electric car.

I've got a brand new robot harvester and I'll give you the key
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Ooh ar ooh ar

The farming world is finally going to get its share of industry 2.0 with a range of AI powered farming vehicles.