Coumi ANC-860 Bluetooth 5.0 ANC headphones are good
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Review: Decent performance for $57 (With code 50% off)

A few years back, we saw a clear indication that wired mobile phone headphones will be the thing of the past, with a strong tendency toward Bluetooth 5, charging case, and ANC combo use scenario. Today we have a chance to present COUMI that offers Bluetooth 5.0, ANC headphones for $50-ish.

MINIX NEO P1 is an insanely small GaN charger
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Three devices, PD with 65W

MINIX is well known for its mini PC devices and has been a very successful player for years. In the meantime, the company expanded its portfolio to include USB Type-C storage and chargers.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker 30W reviewed
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Review: Sub 50 Euro soundbar for the win

Redmi by Xiaomi is more known for phones, but in the meantime, the company also makes TV and soundbars, among other things, offering them at a favorable price in quite good quality.

Huawei MatePad Pro gets inside yer heid
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Great sound, great build, fit ye sae?

I’ve been reviewing both software and hardware for over 35 years now, but this is the first time I’ve had to take into account geopolitics. But more, much more on that later.

Redmi 9C review is a value Everest
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Review: With promotion code 94.7 $ 6.53-inch great phone

Xiaomi has run with its Redmi series for many years, and these phones usually are designed not to break the bank but still offer decent performance and quality. Redmi 9C is a 110 Euro/USD phone with a 5000 mAh battery, 6.53-inch screen, and MediaTek Helio G35 that offers decent performance for the entry-level.