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Intel wants to make AMD chips at IFS

by on22 February 2024

For Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Google as well

During the IFS Direct Connect 2024 event, Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, answered a couple of questions from the members of the press, including a rather peculiar one from Tom's Hardware hack, Paul Alcorn, where Intel CEO expressed hope that customers for Intel Foundry Services will include Nvidia, Qualcomm, Google, and even AMD.

When asked by Paul Alcorn how the company will handle situations where competitors will use Intel's own process nodes, Intel's CEO was keen to note that Intel and Intel Foundry have a clean line between them, as the foundry is a separate legal entity, and thus its capacities will be wide open for the industry, which lines up to the idea that Intel, or IFS to be precise, wants to be "the foundry for the world".

"We hope that that includes Jensen (Nvidia), Christiano (Qualcomm), and Sundar (Google), and you heard today it includes Satya (Microsoft), and I even hope that includes Lisa (AMD) going forward. I mean, we want to be the foundry for the world, and if we're going to be the Western foundry at scale, we can't be discriminating about who’s participating in that. So, unequivocally, it is to be the foundry for the world. Commit supply chains, your leadership technology - the doors to the ala carte menu are wide open for the industry."

Intel and Microsoft have already signed a deal, and as Gelsinger outlined, "I want my foundry to be used by everybody. Period. We want to help build Nvidia chips, and AMD chips, and TPU chips for Google, and inference chips for Amazon. Period. We want to help them and give them the most powerful, performant, and efficient technologies for them to build their systems. Period. Full stop."

You can check out the full answer over at Tom's Hardware.


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